We’ve been super quiet on the post front for a while now but needless to say that between logo design, e-learning environments & penetration testing the work hasn’t stopped. We’ll tell you the story first & then thank the man who made our last 6 weeks possible.

After being approached by a friend from years ago regarding an e-learning environment for a large UK organisation we went through a process of great learning ourselves in regard to the options out there in the e-learning world. Although the particular project didn’t come to fruition, we are now the proud developers of 8 outstanding LearnDash based e-learning environments with everything from English to Computer Literacy courses built & delivered over the past couple of months. The funniest part (not really) is that due to full NDA’s being in place for each development, we can’t say anything further but we’ve had a blast creating a solution for many students worldwide.

Now a thank you to Barry McAleese who contacted us with the original e-learning brief & gave us a thought process into another area that we previously weren’t really interested in if we’re straight. Thank you again Barry, we’ve certainly developed further as a group with your input.

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