EcoECU are a former UK based company & world leader in vehicle remapping who underwent great growth during the past decade & were bought in 2016 by Hyun Technologies in South Korea. The continued growth of the EcoECU name, especially in the fuel economy & cell technology sectors sees file supply to a global dealership network numbering over 3000.

The Brief

We were appointed to build a completely new website for EcoECU to help serve their dealership network & help continue their rapid growth in the vehicle remapping file supply sector.

The site requirements were for a clean, material design based site that showcased both the professionalism & power of the brand using it’s parent companies colour scheme.

The Process

Our main challenge was one of collaboration with the team at Hyun Technologies to ensure the EcoECU website took on the flavour of the Hyun range of companies. Time was very well spent in the design brief stage to ensure fonts, colours & transitions matched the existing Hyun portfolio.

The task involved bringing together experts from both our companies to ensure the delivery of an automated backend filing system that auto-responded with correct remapping files based upon the dealership input.

The Result

A stylish & very effective site that complements the Hyun Technologies group of companies perfectly. A comprehensive framework that allows thousands of file requests to be dealt with automatically & at great speed to ensure time & money saving in all time zones.

Since the site launch in early 2016, Hyun Technologies management report a 12% increase in dealership interest & a dramatic rise in the speed of service provided by it’s automatic file database with completely error free operation since it’s inception.

Adding EcoECU to our ever growing technology portfolio required a sympathetic but robust web design & backend development team to help us integrate it seamlessly. six7 helped our team fully understand what was possible to get the very best performance from the systems we wanted in place & made the process very simple to develop. As a group we would like to thank six7 for their work on behalf of Hyun Technologies.

Jim Hyun

Chief Technical Officer, EcoECU, Hyun Technologies

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