Reborn was an Indigogo funded, web based factual series that aimed to raise awareness of the depression & isolation a large group of society suffer with, a group of people forced to live a fa├žade of a life due to cultural expectations. ReBorn told their stories & then offered a possible solution, a chance to begin life at 40 with a new set of tools. Raising thousands of dollars, the Reborn project has grown exponentially into the company Re-Tribe.

The Brief

We were contacted to develop a super quick pop-up site for ReBorn creator Nick Rothwell so he could raise money through an Indigogo campaign to begin filming a pilot web series. Speed was of the essence due to the time limitations of the Indigogo campaign & we had to ensure the whole site linked well with the campaign directly & through social network feeds. Engagement was key.

The Process

As with every design it was important communication was on point, especially under the ever decreasing timeframe that a funding project brings. Nick & his Hinge Productions team were great to deal with & we had full plan after a single conference call.

We were given artistic licence of our own with regards to aesthetics that matched the Reborn logo & the content writing was shared with the Hinge Pro team to speed the process further.

Social media integration was handled using the WP to Buffer WordPress Plugin at our end while Nick & his team set up the social media feeds to get content to the world.

The Result

As wordsmiths we went with a poetry based sliding header that conveyed a message of hope to the targeted audience of Reborn & our clients loved it. The 4 image slideshow (not something we’ve used in a while) of dark to brightening skies was designed to portray the depth of depression into the brightness of more positive days to come & had outstanding engagement with users online.

Not only did the site receive acclaim but it helped the project exceed it’s funding needs & the video production is now well underway.

In my line or work I have to ask people to write up testimonials on their experience working with me. That means that I get to write about my experience when I work with people and their companies too!

I am really enjoying being able to write about working with Matt and his team. It was really fortuitous that we got to work together. Connected by the great game of ice hockey and Facebook. Matt had noted a post on my Facebook page about my journey from after I had retired from playing the sport that we had in common.

The project at the time was called ReBorn, it was going to be a web-based series that shed light on depression and isolation for people who had reached the half way point in their lives. Right from day one Matt and I clicked. He understood without having to go into great detail about the project and its objectives.

We needed a web-platform that we could use for a crowd funding campaign and Matt stood up and nailed it for us. Matt added his nice classy touch and also a degree of sensitivity that I did not expect.

Matt and the team also delivered and kept the site up to date without having to be asked and it was all done with great efficiency.

As the project has evolved Matt is now helping us out with stage 2. We have undergone a name change (ReBorn to Re-Tribe) and our main focus has become creating an mobile app that people can use to help them find a support system that will help them in their battle with social anxiety and depression.

We love being on this road with Matt!

Nick Rothwell

Chief Technical Officer, Hinge Productions

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